What is Brooklyn Shakespeare Company? 

Great question! Brooklyn Shakespeare Company is the after school acting ensemble for tweens and teens NYC has desperately been in need of. A hard core community theater group of young thespians who come together every Tuesday to deepen their acting craft, get cool with Shakespeare, rehearse a play, and create its physical world. 

What does a BSC rehearsal look like? 

On our first day of rehearsal, we’ll work together to build a true ensemble relationship using theater and improv games to get to know each other and team build. We’ll also dive into the chosen text, getting to know the play from the inside out and prepping for the next week: Auditions. Have no fear! Every role assigned will be of deep importance and filled with learning potential. On our third rehearsal, after parts are announced, we will begin table work. It’s important with any play, but especially with Shakespeare, to take some time with the text to make sure every thought is understood by the ensemble and ready to be played. In our next chunk of rehearsals, we’ll work on our acting craft through Stanislavsky based techniques and exercises and jump into blocking our play. When your character is not in the scene rehearsing, you’ll have an equally important job—working with our master set and costume designer to create the physical world of our play. Much like the troupes of players in Shakesepeare’s day, you are not *just* an actor here. YOU are responsible for all the aspects of the final production, along with all of your ensemble members. And I mean responsible in the fun way of “hey, without me, this play could not have happened.” With blocking completed, lines learned, and costumes, props, and set created, the final rehearsals will focus on fine tuning, bringing all of you to your character and having fun onstage. We’ll run through a professional technical rehearsal on the Saturday before our play and on Sunday, we’ll perform twice for an audience of friends, family, and other students. 

Who is BSC for?

  • 11-14 year olds

  • the theater curious—“I haven’t done this before, but I’ve wanted to!”

  • the theater professional (practically) —“This is my 20th play, but I want to go deeper!”

  • everyone in between who’d like to grow as an actor, bond with a group of creative peers from other schools and communities, bring to life a classic Shakespeare play, and have A LOT OF FUN

What’s included

  • Eighteen rehearsals

  • Extended Election Day and one Saturday tech rehearsal

  • Two matinee performances on February 1 and 2

  • cool BSC swag!

  • opportunities in costume and set design, stage management, and running

  • working with a professional director and acting coach, who draws from her training in Meisner, Stanislavsky, Suzuki, Chuck Jones technique, Practical Aesthetics, Viewpoints, Gertowsky, and Edith Skinner

  • a new community of young actors as passionate about putting on a play as you!

  • a great resume credit, especially if applying to arts middle and high schools

  • a deeper relationship with Shakespeare that will serve you in the classroom, theater, and, of course, in life

location + contact

Triskelion Arts
106 Calyer St.
Greenpoint, BKNY 11222

Seth Ginsberg
(646) 284-4033